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Jacqueline Clemens, Founder

About Platinum J

Platinum J Fragrances is an exclusive perfume house based on the West Coast. Founder Jacqueline Clemens, with her many years of experience in the fashion industry realized a life long dream and launched her own unique signature fragrance line.

Guided by her knowledge, passion and extraordinary intuition, She succeeded in translating her intimate journey of self-discovery into her line of uncommon perfume.

Having always found comfort in the compelling, delicate aromas of nature, Jacqueline, both literally and figuratively, was able to let go of common and preconceived notions.

The result is this exceptional and enlightened line of fragrances.

Her one of a kind mixes are all created by hand and contain only the purest essential oils. Jacqueline is thrilled and excited to be able to share her select perfumes that will surely take you on your own transformative journey of self-discovery… layer by layer, note by note, awakening the essence of who you truly are.


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